Bubbly Blue Cybergirl

Rina Mood



Hiyo, I'm Rina! I'm a bubbly conversationalist wrapped up in an extra small package - a sparkling gem with a charming natural smile. My petite spinner body is sleek and smooth, with a touch of softness down my hips and thighs. My eye-catching blue hair accentuates my high cheekbones and lovely jawline - you'll see~My Asian-Canadian upbringing means my mindset is a mix of East meets West. Beautiful traditions grounded in hard work and service, with the fiery strong voice you can admire of today's youth. I love listening to people speak their mind - on travels, food, pets, games, anime, whatever gets you excited to chat. Topics come one after the other, speckled with laughter and joy. Before you know it, you'll be dreaming of your next visit.Investing in your wellbeing is extra sweet when it's with me. I'm a treat for the mind, body, and soul. Let's get comfy with each other ♡

Size & Treats

  • Silhouette: 5'1, slim petite spinner

  • Size: 00, XXS

  • Shoes: US 5.5-6.0

  • Food: vegan, tasting menus, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese

  • Drinks: kombucha, tea, sweet zero-proof cocktails

  • Snacks: blueberries, strawberries, vegan popcorn

  • Scents: jasmine, fruity-floral, fresh laundry

  • Flowers: lily of the valley, blue flowers, purple flowers

  • Music: vocaloid, high energy/heavy/dub, metal

  • Special interests: indie pixel games, anime, Netflix, vtubers, platform boots & heels, and vegan food & fine dining

I'm happy to see those who eagerly cover all that we experience~ My comfort is the determining factor in the joy we can cultivate together.Gifts and tips are welcome, but not mandatory. If you'd like to send a giftcard, I collect cards for:
* AirCanada
* AirBnB
* Spa cards
* Amazon.ca
* Sephora Canada
* UberEats
Please send digital cards to rinamood@pm.me. I also have wishlists and funding opportunities:

Going out!

Take the time together as time to relax and treat yourself to some authentic company! To cultivate coziness and joy, think spa times, shopping, flow or yin yoga, walks along the sea wall. I'm polyamorous and not afraid to hold your hand, share some hugs, and maybe even sneak in some kisses if that is what you'd enjoy too ♡

  • Shopping (bring your card~)

  • Spa time

  • Flow or yin yoga

  • Karaoke

  • Choirs, orchestras, concerts

  • Movies

  • Gaming

First of all, I'm a long-time vegan which means I do not consume anything made with animal products - no dairy, no eggs, and no land/sea animals! I love tasting menus and pretty foodI'm sober and will remain so during our social time. You may partake in a glass if you wish, but watch yourself so we can both enjoy our time together. If your motor functions go, you go too.

Feeding the Vegan Princess

  • The Botanist (tasting menu)

  • Folke (tasting menu)

  • COFU

  • Addah

  • Raisu (reservation w limited vegan bentos!)

  • The Acorn

  • Viet, Thai, Japanese cuisines mostly!


Like many lovely ladies of the internet, I grew my ego through the validation of thousands with digital media. I am nearly entirely self-shot, self-directed, and most definitely amateur. I love to take photos as I acquire new panties, lingerie sets, costumes, anything to show off in! No bells and whistles here - just me. I am enough, and I'm happy with that~I actively upload content is on LoyalFans and OnlyFans,. Self-serve content can be purchased via LoyalFans (preferred, yandere RP). My social media are Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit (inactive).Any platforms outside of the ones mentioned on my site you using my name or images are created from stolen content and/or identity theft. They are removed regularly with my DMCA service. I watermark my images so you don't get catfished ♡


All custom content requires 100% of payment upfront via:

🍆 ratesCustomsLive cam/voice
75USDCurrently closedCurrently closed
  1. E-transfer,OR

  2. Wishtender, OR

  3. BTC/ETH

Refunds are at my discretion via BTC or ETH only.

Booking & Etiquette

Consent-Forward, Mood-Dependent

I am Rina Mood, that blue-haired lady strutting like a sexy and slim. I'm not entirely new to this... so let's be forward. No sexting, long email chains, no fantasy talk or fantasy booking. I love consent, and I love talking about it; I can assure you that I'm perfectly able to speak up on my boundaries as we approach anything I might not be into! Call them "restrictions", and I'll likely not be in the best mood. Common sense though of course - no bare FS.Please wear no fragrance or very low fragrance. Hygiene is important to me, and I also strongly prefer some manscaping so I don't get lost down there~If I have to tell you how to behave as a gentlehuman, then we probably wouldn't be a good match. I'm not into "rough play" on me. Absolutely no breath play. As we learn about each other over time, we might find some similar interests whether it's kink or care! Let's lean into that - the process is so hot to me 🔥Greek is the big named extra due to prep. Everything else is up to my mood, and our chemistry. Let's take the time to explore each other.

Outcall & DT Incall Available

I am available at my upscale incall downtown, with centralized A/C and heating. I also do outcalls to select 4* or 5* hotels. Bring me up to your stay in the city ♡ No residential units.Travel rates to the outcall be an additional $50-$100 at my discretion.

Simple Email Option:

  • Full name:

  • Age:

  • Phone number (non-app, used for buzzer etc):

  • Date & Time:

  • Incall or outcall:

  • + Attached screening (selfie photo with gov-issued photo ID, ie. Drivers license) PLUS visible LinkedIn URL

Incall fee: +100
*Any booking above 3h must include social time.

Investment - all in Canadian dollars, non-negotiable

Private Dates

  1. Up to 90min - 800

  2. Up to 2h, my favourite - 1000

  3. *Each additional hour - plus 500

Incall fee: +100
*Any booking above 3h must include social time.

Extended Dates

  1. Up to 4h, dinner and dessert - 1600

  2. Up to 6h, a day away - 2400

  3. Social-only - 300/h, 2h minimum

  4. Custom date packages available

By Quote - only for those who have seen me before

  1. Overnights & multi-day - starting from 3000+, at hotels

  2. FMTY - my rates PLUS all expenses including but not limited to flights, travel, and possibly separate accommodation must be covered

Each package listed allows up to half the time as private time. Dining time may be requested if date time is appropriate for a meal.

More, More, More

  1. Greek - plus 200-300

  2. Duos - I request that the higher rate is applied to both companions

For domming: please go to "Take Me to the Dark Side" in the navigation bar. Depending on the dynamic, we may be able to play both GFE and dungeon. This is entirely at my discretion.

Deposit & Screening

50% non-refundable deposit via:

  1. E-transfer with correct legal name (Canadian), OR

  2. Wise e-transfer (international, OR

  3. BTC/ETH, OR

  4. GC of my choice

The session must be below 90min, and you must have a reference or seen me before to pay deposit with GC. Those without Canadian bank accounts may send via Wise e-transfer (any amount) or BTC/ETH (under 1000).

Responses are not owed to low-effort applications.

Investment may be given in an envelope or card.

Plus, screening through:

  1. LinkedIn and selfie with government-issued photo ID, OR

  2. Two references from established providers

Cancellation & Date Changes

Time Before SessionDeposit StatusDue By Next Booking
Over 48hrsCarried over to next booking, non-refundableNo additional charges
Under 48hrsDeposit is forfeit, non-refundableNo additional charges
Under 24hrsDeposit is forfeit, non-refundableCancellation fee of 250, or 25% of session cost (whichever is higher), is due ASAP. Next booking will not be accepted until paid.

It is customary in Canada that booked services (spa, hair salon, etc) that are no-showed on or changed last-minute are charged a fee up to the total session cost. Please respect my time as you would a hairdresser's time.

Review Etiquette

All my dates are intimate to me, both from my words and my touch. If you would like to dedicate a review to me, please keep some discretion in mind and email me before posting.I request that you keep reviews on the shorter side, leave out the checklist style of acronyms, and treat me delicately. I am more open with the content of duo reviews because those are going to be too hot 🔥DO NOT POST MY PHONE NUMBER OR ADDRESS. DO NOT DESCRIBE OR COMPARE MY FACE!!! This is for my safety. If you are a returning client looking to book again and you cannot reach me by text, please email me or send in a new booking form.Please email me if you'd like to dedicate a review 🫶

Friends & Duos Together

Some of my gorgeous and sweet duo partners. I can't wait to see how the chemistry develops between you, me, and my friends ♡ If you've got an established provider in mind, let me know!

Pre-booking is required. I recommend requesting a minimum of 90min for best enjoyment of a duo/trio.

Established Duos

Lilith Blair

Highly-reviewed, highly adored.
Curvy, kinky, tatted queen.

Ahri Valentine

Soft & Silky E-girl.
She is sweetness, with the sass to match.

Anticipated Duos

Hazel Mei

Passionate & intellectual memory-maker.
A seductive, carnal escape from the everyday.

Persephone Grace

Resident mischief maker.
Living life one laugh at a time.

Brooklyn Klein

Inked Bad Girl Next Door.
Down to earth with an addictive smile.

Lyla Cherry

Sensual Redhead Goddess.
Curating a passionate experience of intellect and intimacy.